I watched a movie last night that had a scene with two small kids playing on a beach, seabirds flying around. I realized that was the first time I’d seen birds since the end of January.
I’m sure there’s birdlife out there, but I’ve been inside – a week at Mater Hospital, now nearly a week at Hunters Hill Rehab, and one more to go.
I’m not complaining; this is what I’m here for. I’m not even close to going outside. My new hips are only ten days old! (A friend gave them a birthday card.)
What is it like, new hips? No pain is the first thing that must be said. No more periodic arthritic pain after 18 years of it. As the cartilege in both hips got worn down over the years, my energy levels gradually dropped, along with my emotional resiliance. I apologise to any and all I was crabby with, for what seemed like no reason at all.
The second thing is my new hips work.
The hip sockets and femur heads are brand-new glide-y machines that are calibrated for my best alignment.
I’m relearning to walk with the new machinery. In my yoga classes I sometimes suggest to students the notion that we must create neuronal pathways repetativly from brain to muscles to gain a new movement. The old, deep grooves are still there so I’m working hard with the physios to dig in the new neuronal grooves. It’s working, baby steps.
It’s funny but the birds I miss the most are the magpies. On our property, there’s a little family of them who gather in front of the yoga shed when I’m practising early in the morning.
Maggies are the star songsters of the bird kingdom. But I like them because they like being on the ground, they walk straight and true, not hopping, not waddling.
Like me. Wait and see!

- Now

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  1. Eve – you are a true inspiration. My mind boggles reading about your new machinery. I still can’t get my head around the fact that there’s no pain – how can that be after what you have been through??? I did not realise how much pain you have put up with for so long (and you were NEVER crabby in my hearing!!!) Good for you is all I can say. (And, I love the Currawongs the most but have much affection for their maggie cousins).


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