Miracles of modern times. I’m sitting here in my chair, with my 6 day old happy hips and sending my words out across the globe. Trishna and Krishna, twins conjoined at the back of their brains, are separated and live to tell about it. Faces are transplanted. Eight children are born in one labour.
This is only possible through advances in medical technology, surgery and drugs. I bow down to the kind of medical brilliance that let’s me be up and walking with simple elbow crutches 6 days after a double hip replacement.
I’ve any potential pain managed by Paracetamol and, earlier in the week, Endone. When I discovered the morphine based Endone had bad side effects for me, I stopped it. I’ve cut back on the Panadol too as I’ve experienced no pain thus far.
Tonight the nurses at the Rehab Centre I’ve now checked in for a week were making the rounds passing out a slow release Oxycontin which is prescribed for the heavy physio sessions we’ll have for a couple of hours. I knocked back my drugs after a lengthy discussion with the nurses.
Pray I don’t have to eat my track suit tomorrow!