There’s a particularly delicious sound that the in-line rollers of rollerblades create when you’re moving with a rhythmic stride. I’m sure it’s theta wave inspired like what happens when the sadhus chant “Ram, Ram, Ram” for hours on end. The potential problem here is that the blader can get hypnotized by the music of his feet and crash!
Today for the first time I learned to use crutches, practising walking with my new prosthetic hips. I’m a tiny bit embarrassed to say I experienced some of the exhilaration of my old blading days. There was the same contralateral movement of foot and crutch and much joy in being able to move more freely.
(These silver adjustable elbow crutches are so shmick, not like the old wooden ones)
Somehow this particular skill/sport will be relatively short-lived and I’m quite sure I’ll never get in The Zone!