How long…

Jan 20, 2010 | Yoga practices | 0 comments

…does it take to make a habit?
Thirty days? Thirty months? Thirty years?
I started yoga in 1971 with a ten-week course held at the YMCA. Over the ensuing years, I did classes with various teachers in a variety of places, but practising yoga for me was intermittent until I went to the Iyengar Institute in India in the mid-eighties.
There I let myself be inspired by the commitment of the senior teachers, and became more like a wheel rolling from my own centre. I didn’t get into the practice habit all at once, only gradually, until a nice little groove was formed.
During thIs week that we’ve been on holidays, on the road, my “formal” yoga practice has been scant. Yet all the while I’m like a flower seeking sunlight, leaning towards the sunshine of my practice. I can go a while with its nourishment but not for too long.
Now that’s what I call a good habit!


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