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Jan 12, 2010 | Yoga practices | 1 comment

This afternoon things really hotted up at Scotts Road, Mitchells Island. 35 degrees, brains coddling and bodies steaming. A visit to the local beach is a often a reliably good solution, but we’d already done that earlier in the day. A siesta is, of course, another dependable remedy.
I opted for a yoga cooler even though it meant that I had to hazard the even hotter temperatures of the Tin Shed.
Here’s the yoga sequence that worked for me: Setubandhasana, using 4 bolsters and a belt, 10 minutes; Cross-leg Forward Stretch, head supported on bolsters, 3 minutes each side; Lazy Dog Pose, over chair, 3 minutes; Viparta Karani, supported on bolsters at the wall with a belt for the legs, 10 minutes; Savasana supported on bolsters, 10 minutes. I used an eye bandage for the whole practice. The practice worked. At the end of it, I had much more energy and had cooled right down.

- Slow Yoga

Michael in Savasana

It pays to do longish timings with these sorts of restorative poses. They really only “click” if you completely surrender to them. There’s a point with a relaxation pose where it’s as though you’ve turned a tumbler lock, it clicks into place, and you open to a profound level of letting go. This state is often accompanied by deep sighing, which may be internal or external, and then you may notice your pattern of breathing has transformed.
Legs-Up-The-Wall is the key pose that accomplished the above effect for many people:
- Slow Yoga

Paul In Viparita Karani

If you’re wall-deprived, try using a flat-seated chair. This one is a boon for back-aches, too:
- Slow Yoga

John in Chair Savasana

This sequence may not improve the weather, but it might just cool your brain and soothe your spirit.

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  1. sounds like a great practice, Eve. Thanks.


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