The Art of Ageing: Is There Really an Art to It?

Mar 5, 2020 | Age | 1 comment

Photo of eve hanging upside down in a paperbark tree

Photo of eve hanging upside down in a paperbark tree

Photos by Julie Slavin, taken on the Lookout Track at Saltwater N.P.

Photo of eve upside down in a paperbark tree

The art of ageing

Over the last 10 years, I’ve written 70 posts on ‘Yoga with Eve Grzybowski’ that relate to the topic of ageing. It’s obviously a strong interest of mine. But not just mine. I am writing, as well, to my audience, you who are baby boomers or even older.

We are all living longer. And we don’t just want long life. We want optimum well-being. So how do we grow old gracefully, artfully, enjoyably.

Recently I’ve been thinking about healthy ageing yet again because I’ve been included as a photographic subject in the NSW Government’s ‘Art of Ageing’ exhibition.’ It was launched at Parliament House in Sydney this week and will be featured prominently there for a month. Then, the exhibition will go on the road for two years, showing in 46 locations across the State.

The stated aim of the exhibition is to improve respect for and social inclusion of older people and to recognise older people’s contributions to their communities.

I feel privileged to be included in an extraordinary group of people. As the brochure says these people ‘have carved out interesting and active lives for themselves that keep them young. Accomplished and unconventional perhaps best describes the many diverse individuals in this exhibition.’

Our own local photographer, Julie Slavin, is one of the six photographers represented in the exhibition.

It would be great if you’re in the vicinity of Sydney to go along to the NSW Parliament, Fountain Court to see this exhibition. (For more information please email

Combat ageing or offer no resistance

One of those many posts I’ve written about growing old considers the question, can I practice ageing as an art? Is that something that older people should be doing? What if we offer no resistance to ageing? Click here to find out the answers.

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  1. Hi Evie, I love the photos! They suit you & they’re really happy and beautiful. I’ve been thinking of you a lot – here in Bali. I’m going to call on WhatsApp… do you have that app? When is a good time? Are you in Mitchell’s Island these days or off on an adventure? Hi to Daniel too. And…….You’re always vibrant and young to me. It’s your attitude. And you laugh a lot.


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