Two Much-Loved Lights Extinguished–R.I.P.

May 14, 2019 | Family | 1 comment

Lights extinguished - two much-loved lights extinguished-r. I. P.

Amanda Frost

When a light goes out in the world, we can only hope that that peson’s special spark has enkindled many other lights. In the case of two much-loved women, Amanda Frost and Jacqui Guiliano, this is patently true.

I knew Amanda Frost back in the eighties and nineties through yoga, shiastsu and also as a Bronte neighbour. There were a number of us women who I called the Bronte Belles: Karen, Pam, Mardi, Elisabeth, Amanda, and many more. We were dedicated to health and wellbeing, and all of us would go on to influence our wider communities.

I lost track of Amanda as she left Australia and based herself in Europe. Part of her journey was a long term battle with cancer.

I didn’t know it, but she was also a warrior in the world of dog rescuers. Reading her eulogies on FB, you meet a woman who left a legacy of many thousands of dogs rescued from terrible conditions.

Amanda was beloved by her friends for her beauty, caring, loyalty and unstinting selflessness. Her light has now passed on to each of the owners of the countless dogs she saved.

Jacqui Guiliano

Lights extinguished - two much-loved lights extinguished-r. I. P.

It might be audacious of me to think of students I’ve trained to teach yoga as my family, but it’s true. So, I feel a great sadness to hear of Jacqui’s death. Like Amanda, she faced off with cancer for a long time, and for a while it seemed like she might have won out.

Jacqui worked as an artist, as a yoga teacher and a retreat facilitator. She inspired students to want to teach yoga, too, a way of passing on her bright light and energy.

May the families and friends of Jacqui and Amanda be warmed by the incandescence of their good works, their memories and their legacies.


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  1. They leave our world a better place in many ways. A heartfelt thanks to both women.


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