Summer Heat: I Don’t Like It, But Don’t Fight It

Jan 22, 2019 | Climate, Yoga Sequences | 1 comment

Meditator seated at the beach at sunrise.

Wilting weather

A  single weather statistic stood out for me last week when we were camping at the Bellingen Showgrounds. This, from the Sydney Morning Herald: Australia was home to 15 of the hottest places on earth on January 15th.

Meanwhile, my sister in Tucson, Arizona, was complaining about the sudden cold snap they were experiencing, accompanied by snow. Snow in this sun worshippers’ Mecca! Unheard of! I know, though, that she will experience 105 degrees F. temperatures and 95% humidity come summer, much like us Aussies.

Extremely hot summers are likely to be the fallout from global warming, and this means they will gradually get worse. We broke down and installed an air conditioner 14 months ago, a good investment, but not everyone can afford this expense.

So what are we yogis supposed to do in this time of discomfort and perhaps difficult adjustments? Probably just what we have been doing. Keeping up yogic practices: asanas, pranayama, meditation, relaxation.

And, particularly in the summer heat, let’s do quiet, cooling and calming yoga practice. Save the jumping around and through. Spare yourself sweating the long timings in poses. Keep the goal-seeking, perfection part of your personality in check. And chill.

Chill out with this practice

This is the sequence I’ve done the last few mornings. Except for the headstand preparation, all the poses can be held for 5 to 10 minutes.

Supta Baddha Kanasana with all the props.

Eve doing lying down, relaxing yoga pose with bolster, blanket and belt.

Heather laying supine with block support under the back thoracic. Plus bolster, and blanket

Lying over a block with head support.

Woman doing headstand preparation with block at wall.

Headstand preparation

Daniel doing shoulder stand on a chair.

Supported Shoulderstand

Woman doing seated yoga stretch with bolster and block

Double leg forward stretch

Erica doing legs up the wall pose with bolsters, blanket and sandbag on her feet.

Legs up the wall pose with bolsters, blanket and sandbag (on feet).


The female yoga student is lying face up with her legs supported on the seat of a chair.

Chair savasana


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  1. Thats for sure no jumping around! I’ll try and get a few in today, ahh legs up the wall, nice!


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