Friends in Yoga: Benefits of Community

Nov 27, 2018 | Community | 0 comments

Photo of seven women yoga teachers

Gratitude for community

There are so many ways that yoga is beneficial to one’s health and well-being.

Of course, there are those things that we know will improve with yoga practice: flexibility, strength, balance, posture and breathing. Not to mention the benefits for all the systems of the body. And then there’s the fostering of mental and emotion equilibrium. But sometimes we forget how beneficial the community that we form through yoga is for our well-being.

In almost every class I teach, I make a point to give thanks for this community we create when we come together. Whether your particular class happens in a gym or in a school hall, you are likely to connect with like-minded people. These may ultimately become fast friends. Lasting friendships are promoted by yoga teachers who make a point of providing time and space to socialise. Having a cup of tea after class, or in our household, one of Daniel’s coffees, we get to talk about more than yoga postures.

By attending classes regularly, there’s the potential for deepening¬†friendships with classmates. Yoga teachers and their students get the chance to bond, too.

I’ve just had an especially enjoyable weekend in Sydney as I was offered the opportunity to teach a workshop at The Yoga Nook. Two of the workshop attendees were students I had taught a few years ago. One, Jane Thomas, is an established and popular teacher in her own right at Simply Yoga. The other, Gretta Kool is now is a trainee yoga teacher. There’s nothing more happy-making than a student choosing this wonderful profession.

A forever bond

At a Monday lunch at Erika Remnant’s in Kirribilli, I met up with other old students and colleagues. The workshop and lunch reminded me how much like family these students and yoga teachers are to me. And how much I miss them all! Despite the fact that I’ve added many new members to my yoga family of the Midcoast.

Six yoga teachers sitting on a bench

Midcoast Yogis – Megan, Eve, Nitya, Laura, Peppa, Chris and Julie

Isn’t it just like this with biological family? The ‘kids’ grow up, move away, have kids, move again–maybe even around the world. You may lose touch for awhile. It happens.¬†But like family, the yoga bond is a forever bond, not to be broken.


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