Take Care: It’s Good Yoga Practice

Jun 18, 2018 | Health | 1 comment

Take care - take care: it's good yoga practice

Welcome to Take Care

From today Yoga with Eve Grzybowski blog will feature daily posts relating to taking very good care of oneself. Being kind to oneself. Practising self-care.

Why do I want to emphasise self-care at this time? Because I’ve noticed recently that I haven’t been doing well in this department.

I have much room for improvement in the area of self-care. And maybe you do too. Little things, like resting when I’m tired, taking time to prepare meals carefully and eating mindfully. By sharing our stories, we have a chance to help each other improve our ability to take care. Not necessarily of others first, but ourselves first. I don’t see this as acting selfishly. It means we are more likely to have the resources to help others when there is need for it.

I came across this post in the Elephant Journal today about how difficult it is for women to ask for help:

Why it’s so Hard for Strong Women to Ask for Help.

And, I think it’s equally difficult for men to ask for help. Reaching out is often perceived as a sign of weakness or neediness.

I’m hoping to hear from you in via your comments. Maybe you’d even like to offer a guest post about how you take good care of yourself. It’s a journey we’re on. We may want to talk about the difficulties that come up relating to being kind to ourselves. That’s fine, too.

How about we do this for 30 days and see what comes out of it?

Take Care Tips

Here is a list of some of my best self-care tips. My intention is to draw on at least one of these per day.

  • Practice gratitude
  • Breathe
  • Driving in your car, listen to classic FM
  • Walk
  • Sing, join a choir
  • Shop for wholesome food, cook it yourself, relish eating it
  • Be early
  • Do one thing just for yourself each day
  • Socialise, mingle with community, associate
  • Spend time in silence
  • Respect your limits
  • Make your boundaries compassionately
  • Learn to love the word “no”
  • Be a student. Follow DVD’s, read books, listen to podcasts, go on a retreat
  • Take time off. Create a schedule so you can take off periodically
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Hydrate
  • Lighten up. Laugh
  • Massage, get pampered
  • Journal/Write
  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • Use mental floss, get rid of mental baggage
  • Nurture your important relationships
  • Have a regular date night or weekend with your significant other
  • Practice intimacy. Celebrate and acknowledge others and receive acknowledgments gracefully
  • Spend time in Nature
  • Stop electronic input for day or a weekend– no devices, lights, sound
  • Do yoga, exercise

I’m looking forward to hearing how you take care of yourself and what your tips for us are.

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  1. – Spend 10 to 60 minutes every day in silent meditation. – Spend five minutes every day, preferably chosen at random, doing nothing. – And how about this quote: “When you ask me what I’m doing today and I say ‘Nothing’, it doesn’t mean I’m free. It means I’m doing nothing.”


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