Judith Lucy is All Woman and So Are We

Mar 18, 2015 | Community | 0 comments

Judith Lucy

Judith Lucy


See the Shedders

We ‘Shedders’ were privileged to be filmed for the ABC series Judith Lucy is All Woman. The last episode which went to air tonight featured all six of us living our communal lifestyle on Mitchells Island.

Listen to the Best

As part of that final episode, Lucy organised a collaboration of some of Australia’s most recognisable female voices to sing a rendition of the Helen Reddy classic, “I Am Woman.”

The collaboration comprised Ella Hooper, Deborah Conway, Vika and Linda Bull, Bertie Blackman, Liz Stringer, Lisa Miller and more.

Listening to this might just make you roar.

[youtube id=”T7qTxbPv7tE”]

If you missed the Judith Lucy show, you can tune into the ABC website and watch it on iView.


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