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Mar 10, 2015 | Community | 0 comments

I attended the Divine Feminine conference this last weekend, as a participant and a presenter. As a result, I feel filled up from the experience of hanging out with wonderful, powerful women (an oestrogen high?)

The Sunday program coincided with Internatiional Women’s Day. As I taught my yoga session, I pictured myself as part of a gigantic web of global solidarity with many the events happening around the planet in support and celebration of women.
What I think makes women special is sometimes what we are criticised for: our caring, emotive side. That quality is exactly what made it so delicious for us all to hang out together.
Hats off to Trina Bawden-Smith of Enlightened Events for holding the vision of getting us together for a weekend of learning, empowerment and inspiration. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is taking the conference’s many contributions  into our families, workplaces and communities this week.
I offered a session on Self Care and Yoga at the Divine Feminine and in it we discussed strategies for looking after ourselves as women. Here are some hot tips that I borrowed from A Life Less Frantic blog:
  • 1. Exercise every day. You would expect this to be on any list for self-nurture. Moving your body generates endorphins and reduces stress.
  • 2. Have a morning routine. More than likely it starts the night before. You can plan to get up at a regular time, do things in a set order as much as possible and go out the door and into your day feeling relaxed.
  • 3. Pare down the number of decisions you make in any day. For instance, eat the same breakfast each day. Do a meal plan at the beginning of the week and the shopping for it on a Sunday. We don’t realise how many decisions we make in a day and how tiring it is to do so.
  • 4. Enjoy a proper lunch break. Not at your computer or driving in your car! Your digestion will improve and so will your productivity in the afternoon.
  • 5. Be circumspect about what you commit to. Rather than saying ‘yes’ straightaway, pause, and insert a little wedge of thinking time. You can say, ‘Let me get back to you on that,’ which might be in a few minutes or a few days. But, you’ve bought yourself some time for due consideration and an authentic yes or no.


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