Big Sky With Clouds: It's All Meditation

Jul 3, 2013 | Dharana, Dhyana, Humour, Wisdom, Yoga practices | 0 comments

After the rain
I did a meditation this morning to the voice recording of Jon Kabat-Zin in which I was able to practice accepting my busy mind.
I know that meditation is supposed to be about stilling a chattering mind, but I think I’ve discovered a precondition to having a quiet mind, which is having a good look at what the mind is really up to.
In the case of moi, at the times when I’m sitting for meditation, my mind is most often planning, and especially busy creating new projects. Creating is the operative word.
It was so much easier to get back to an ‘open sky’ kind of mind in my meditation today when I could identify the character of the various clouds: writing articles, revising books, weeding gardens, lesson plans, blog subjects, to name a few….
I remember that in yesterday’s meditation some of the clouds were dark, but today they were fluffy and white, and predictive of a good day.
I don’t who said this, but it’s relevant to what I’m learning in meditation.

Nothing changes until it becomes what it is.

And, whether or not this quote is relevant, I just like it:
To know yourself you must know your own weaknesses; then, they are no longer weaknesses. They become a peculiar form of inner strength. Because you are conscious of what your weaknesses are, you need not fight their existence. They become a powerful place to stand – open and free of confusion and doubt. – Fritz Perls



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