Tripping Over Myself

Mar 21, 2013 | Mindfulness Meditation | 1 comment

- tripping over myself

Do you have any preferred ways that you use to escape from work or problems in your life?
One simple device I use is to take frequent breaks to have cups of tea or coffee or snacks. I try to eat and drink in wholesome way so I don’t really abuse the above strategy. In any case, when I’m awake and aware I know I’m just temporarily delaying the inevitable return to work or resolving the problem.
A major diversion that I’ve employed to keep from facing up to an issue is simply to not think about it – maybe for months or years. I avoided contact with a relative in this way, but thoughts about him kept breaking into my quiet moments. Eventually close friends nudged me into taking action, and I did contact him, thank goodness!
Today I was posting to various social media, a daily activity that I’ve been learning to love, and I found myself constantly getting distracted by images, videos and others’ posts. I wasn’t even practising avoidance. I was just drifting down the river of global communication on my inflatable lounger on a lovely autumn day.
Is there an antidote? I’m sure it’s a mind over matter thing, that can only be improved by the mindfulness meditation I do.
Even better that I mediate with Daniel. At least when one person meanders, the other might still be on the bank watching the river.
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  1. Thank you for your wonderful words. I have been a very active woman……girl power at the very least. Had bilateral hip replacement in August last year. On the road again and so wanting to gain more flex. I tried before surgery to do yoga and I seemed to crawl in an awkward fashion. Quite funny. Thank you for inspiration. Blessings.


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