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Mar 13, 2013 | Being a writer | 0 comments

- musings from the blogosphere

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I have an author/illustrator friend who is about to launch himself into the blogosphere. When that event happens, his blog is one that you will definitely want to visit, and I’m anticipating sharing his address with you.
I’ve read that blogs are passé. If I believed that, I would feel sad, so I choose not to acknowledge that theory. This daily writing I do is a total joy for me (most of the time); it must be because I’ve been blogging for seven years. That’s quite something in the blogosphere; most of these on-line diaries only last a few months.
Along the way, I’ve been rather loose in my attachment to giving you yoga information, content you would expect to get on a site called “Yoga with Eve Grzybowski”. But, I’ve just followed my instinct, and each day I write mainly what’s in my heart, what’s in the moment. Because I’m so devoted to yoga, these posts are often yoga-related – but yoga as related to my everyday life and experience, as much as possible.
Today for some reason, the hits on this blog trebled. I check my stats a few times a day, and I feel good when my numbers are up and somewhat deflated when they are down. Why do I do that?
Just human.


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