A Sutra a Day: I-30 – Get Thee to a Yoga Studio

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When I have guests to stay at our home, I invite them to do practice with me first thing in the morning in the Yoga Shed. People who have had no prior experience with yoga have reported that they take it up after a few of these sessions, and I attribute that partly to the inspiration of the yoga room. I’ve seen even those who used to do yoga and, for whatever reason, have stopped, get a taste for it again after practising in the Yoga Shed.
A yoga studio can be a storehouse of good energy. All the hard work of dedicated and regular yoga practice gets deposited for students and teachers to draw on. It’s a healing space, and the vibe is palpable.
I encourage students to come to class even if they are feeling low or under the weather because there are poses and routines that can be given. The sequences may not necessarily be complete curatives, but they seems to ameliorate many body/mind conditions. I believe the regularity of doing yoga is important, and keeping to a routine of coming to classes, if at all possible, is an investment in one’s well-being.¬†This is especially important as one gets older and more susceptible to injuries and medical conditions.
If you find you are becoming a victim of any of the following distractions that agitate the body/mind, according to Patanjali, just get yourself to your local yoga studio asap.
Vyadhi styana samsaya pramada alasya avirati bhrantidarsana alabdhabhumikatva anavasthitatvani citaviksepah te anataraya
*Disease, dullness, doubt, procrastination, laziness, craving, erroneous perception, inability to achieve finer stages and instability.*
*Four Chapters on Freedom, commentary by Satyananda Paramahamsa

- a sutra a day: i-30 - get thee to a yoga studio

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  1. yes next time for sure xx

  2. I believe I score 100% on those distractions, so I’m off for a good practice!


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