A Sutra a Day: I-23 – Love is All There Is

Jun 10, 2012 | Wisdom, XSutras, Yoga practices, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Yoga teaching , Yoga Therapy | 0 comments

To be accurate, I haven’t attained a-sutra-a-day over the last little while. I’ve been  plying my trade in the Byron Bay Yoga Centre therapy intensive. And, it was a total privilege to teach such a shining group of trainees.
To be honest, I was pining for getting back in the company of Patanjali, that old master of wise brevity.
I’m here at the home of Paula and Tim in Coolangatta. I would describe them as bhakti yogis who follow a few spiritual disciplines. One of the devotions they practice is to the Das’s – Krishna Das and Ram Das.
Krishna Das is an incomparable kirtanist. I don’t think I ever appreciated chanting music until I heard him perform on his c.d.’s. I especially love the Indian chant he does that segues into “Amazing Grace”, in a bold mixing of religious cultures.
There’s another musician, sadly now deceased, Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan, who has stirred my soul. There’s something about such an individual who has a direct line to Higher Power, or God, or Ishvara, and can send the message of love to your heart through their performances.
The skill is cultivated over practising loving for years and years. If you have the opportunity, please have a listen to Krishna Das and Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan.


Concentration may also be attained through devotion to Bhakti.
*How to Know God, translated with commentary by Swami Prabhavanananda and Christopher Isherwood
- a sutra a day: i-23 - love is all there is


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