Tootling Up & Down the Coast

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- tootling up & down the coast


One of the things that you just have to surrender to when you move to the country is travelling huge distances. (Other things to let go of: seeing art house films near-by and having interesting eateries to choose among. The solution – subscribe to Netflix and eat at home!)
When I lived in Sydney, it took me 30 min. at peak hour to travel from Mosman to Crows Nest, a distance of 5.5 km. It takes me about 10 min. longer to travel 35 km from home to choir in Wingham on Thursdays, with no concern about any rush hour).We certainly travel bigger distances, but in a fraction of the time as our former city journeys.
Having just returned from another long trip to Sydney, I was happy to be able settle in for a forward bend sequence in the Yoga Shed on my return.
Here are some of the poses I like to include for relieving back ache that comes from long standing or sitting or driving:

  1. Adho mukha svanasana, cat/cow, sphinx pose – any yoga poses that lengthen the body from the hips.
  2. Standing balance poses. Vrshkasana and utthita padangusthasana, for awakening core muscles and deep pelvic muscles.
  3. Forward bends. A standing forward bend in the warm-up , like uttanasana or pada hasatana. Seated forward bends in the floor routine will stretch the pelvic area.
  4. Hip/groin stretches. Urdhva mukha svanasana and ekapada raja kapotasana.
  5. Malasana, for stretching and strengthening the muscles of the hips and pelvis.
  6. Twists for “neutralising” the spine after doing forward bends.
  7. Viparita karani – la piece de la resistance!



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