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- yogaanywhere feedback

I wanted to share a couple of items relating to our YogaAnywhere practice cards.
First off, here’s a testimonial from a happy customer/practitioner:

Dear Eve
I just wanted to let you know I have received your YogaAnywhere cards and have been using the Managing Back Pain consistently over the last week with some real benefit. Thank you. 🙂 It was especially welcome this week as I was struggling a little more than usual and it really helped.
I like the feel of them, the presentation, colours and style are very pleasing and I find them a perfect size to use. I imagine it must have been hard to write exactly what you wanted in the space available for each asana? A job well done and I look forward to exploring them all further over time.
Many thanks Eve. Have to confess it helps to imagine you with me – that way I remember to breathe, soften my face with a smile, maintain focus and calm, and check in for any small adjustments required! 🙂

And secondly, one of the things we’ve included on our YogaAnywhere website is a bit of down-loadable extra value for yoga practitioners or teachers.
Click here for practice guidelines you can print for yourself or for your yoga students.


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