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Feb 6, 2012 | Healing, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 2 comments

Have you done workshops, been on retreats, or attended “intensives” where you received a real boost for a short time…then lost the focus or inspiration you received? Soon, it’s business as usual, and you’re hanging out for the next gee-up, but maybe it’s not going to happen again for another six or 12 months.
I had this concern about the Off the Mat, Into the World weekend I did earlier this month. We 26 participants were very enthusiastic and connected with each other at the end of just 2 days. It turned out that my paranoia about losing the benefits of the work was unfounded.
One of the wonderful gifts of the workshop was getting in touch with my purpose in life as well as with the ways I created barriers to expressing it.
I came away from the excellent OTM work firmly grounded in my purpose – to teach from my great love of yoga and to encourage students to do personal practice. In an exercise we did I got to formulate an affirmation that ties in beautifully with the above purpose: I’m here and I’m available. That statement, for me, equates with being of service.
It’s amazing how easy it is to cut through petty crap when one’s purpose is clear and what you’re about is service.
Off the Mat, Into the World is amazing work. When it’s available again in Australia, jump in.


  1. ‘Yoga Immersion for the entire Family’
    Thank you for a wonderful few days of Yoga Immersion for the entire family! What started out as an idea late last year finally came true. Eve, you made it possible to spend a few days teaching our small family at your new yoga shed. Surrounded by bird song, cattle, the occasional goat and frog voices you were able to provide for our different levels of ability as well as generational preferences. Two separate yoga sessions a day allowed total immersion and you taught us such a lot. It was such a special experience for our family to enjoy yoga together!
    What a beautiful and peaceful spot you have found in Mitchells Island. We would love to come again next year.

    • Your visit reminded me, Ingrid, of how important it is to be able to do yoga in a peaceful, gentle setting. It’s almost like the process of doing yoga becomes more organic. I certainly feel that my teaching is more like that since moving to Mitchells Island and the Yoga Shed. Wishing you and your family well. Namaste, Eve


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