One of Those Best Kept Secrets

Nov 8, 2011 | Nature, Pleasure, Yoga practices | 0 comments

- one of those best kept secrets

A Perfect Day in Paradise

Do you have a favourite beach? Enjoying the seaside assumes the proportions of a fanatical religion in Australia. We cling to the coast, human barnacles as we are, even when we know we’re going to get washed over by storm surges and buffeted by cyclones.
I discovered Saltwater Beach nestled in the National Park of the same name when we moved to the mid-north coast two years ago. As an American ex-pat, I couldn’t believe anything so beautiful and underpopulated could exist, at a mere 15 minute drive from our home.
Saltwater is specially significant for the local Aboriginal community (Biripi), as the National Park contains Aboriginal sites relating to Dreamtime beliefs; a section of the park has been declared an Aboriginal Place. It feels special.
There’s an ocean beach for swimming and surfing and you can canoe in the tranquil waters of Khappinghat Creek. The lagoon nestled against the Reserve is made for the littlies so they can chill and swim safely. If all this weren’t bliss enough, the picnic area has gas barbecues, picnic tables, toilet facilities and cold showers.
You can also walk through the rainforest on the headland or explore the Five Islands Walking Track, which follows Khappinghat Creek in the Nature Reserve.
Today at Saltwater, similarly to our Sunday beach walk, we saw a big pod of dolphins cavoting in the surf, and a whale out to sea, too.
If you do have a fave beach, make sure you get there often. It’s good yoga practice!


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