Monks come in all sizes

We shouldn’t let it go to our heads – the fact that we are Divine Beings. This is the acknowledgement that yogis and different cultures make when they bow to another and say, “Namaste”, as a salutation.
Personally, I find it quite uplifting to get into the head/heart space of recognizing any of my divine aspects, as well as seeing the divinity in you.
What are the alternatives? Looking for the most base qualities in ourselves, or at best, being skeptical and waiting for someone to prove their divinity?
Nah, better to hold that you are operating at your highest level, and so  am I.
I have the privilege of presenting at a seminar at the end of this month whose theme is “The Divine Feminine”.
The emcee of the weekend conference has asked the presenters this question:
“What is divine about being feminine for you?”
I would say that in my experience with women – I belong to two women’s groups which I adore – feminine divinity gets expressed in at least three significant ways.
1. Embodiment. That is the way women can be thoroughly in their bodies. In a sense, we are forced to at times – when we menstruate, when we are go through the daily changes of pregnancy, when we deliver a baby, when we become menopausal and experience hot flushes, weight gain, and stiffening joints. A woman’s body is a superb temple that transforms beautifully over her lifetime.
2. The keeper of the word “we”.  It’s true, isn’t it? Women can be individual, of course, but even from the time they are little girls, they say, “Let’s do ____”, and off they go to do it together. As mothers, they are the glue that holds the family together, and when an aged mother passes away, sometimes her progeny lose the feeling of togetherness. How does a women glue the family and even tribes together? She’s an excellent communicator – intimate and unrelenting.
3. Emotional battery. Women are in touch with powerful feelings, and not always expressions of happiness and lightness. Sometimes they are gut-wrenching and other times heart-warming, and oftentimes nuanced, refined. A woman can locate feelings in her body, let them communicate with her head, so that when she speaks from these connections, she is a powerful earth shaker, truth teller, and priestess of transformation.
What is the experience of your own Divinity?

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