Mulching the Message

Nov 1, 2011 | Healing, Nature, Yoga practices | 0 comments

- mulching the message

Frangipani Fragrance

For me, the process of sitting down to write an almost-daily blog depends completely on my tuning in to the everyday experiences of life on Mitchells Island. This is partly why I do the writing, to share more or less ordinary stuff that goes on here that can be extrapolated, with any luck, into universal experience.
It’s why I do yoga too. Something insightful that occurs to me in the quiet of the yoga studio and on the confines of my sticky mat will reflect the “outside” world and how I/we fit into it.
I came across this quote from author Monica McInerney:

Writers are like walking compost bins; we put all this material in and it mulches away and emerges as a new creation.

Our neighbour, Farmer Scott, has recently been fertilising his fields. I might be considered strange, but I love that rich, sweet smell that’s been wafting on southerly winds in our direction.
All of our gardens show Spring flowering and big growth spurts. The compost box, back behind the yoga shed, is full of dancing worms that Heather and I have been spreading widely in the vegetable gardens and around new plantings.
There’s a quickening everywhere you look and an ambience that makes your molecules speed up. Regular rainfall has made the soil so fecund and the pastures and lawns lush, emerald-green. In seven years, I’ve never seen it like this.
The Dry will come again, no doubt. But this time right now evokes Presence and Opening in honour of Nature.


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