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Have you got the habit of saying proper good-byes?
My sister passed away 13 years ago. I knew when I left her at her home in Ohio as I returned to Australia that I would never see her again. Everything I had to say I had said in words and embraces over the two terminal months I spent with her. I guess that’s what I call a proper farewell. Emptying out of all the things you want your loved one to receive from you because you may not have that next chance.
Humans are funny creatures, rather deluded really. Leave-taking should always include the possibility that you may not be reunited, so you better be complete. Then, any extra time you get is gravy.
You might think me overly dramatic, but I even try to be “complete” with Daniel (husband) when I go to sleep. I don’t really think one of us won’t wake up the next morning, and I don’t lose sleep over worrying, but who knows?
It’s been a delight to visit Joyce in her little slice of island paradise – to be welcomed with open arms into her home and family. It’s hard to leave here, and good-bye seems too facile an expression. Probably “adios” or “adieu” is better, or in Joyce’s case “happy trails”.20110826-062954. Jpg

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  1. Lovely reminder thanks Eve 🙂


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