Is Dolphin Watching Considered Yoga?

Aug 25, 2011 | Community, Nature, Yoga practices | 0 comments

Well, I think so.
I am in paradise here at my friend Joyce’s home which faces the wide calm sweep of the Strait of Georgia.
This morning, I stumbled out to enjoy a waterview yoga practice, and saw pods of dolphins out at sea. They cavorted, careered, and carried on for about 30 minutes, until a cetacean-seeking boat interrupted their antics. Then, they submerged only for a couple of minutes before beginning their capers all over again, with their near and far audience enthralled for perhaps another 30 minutes.
What is it about their jumps and dives that makes even adults squeal like kids at New Years Eve fireworks?
Here’s a question that arises not infrequently: If something comes up that for a very good reason interrupts one’s yoga practice, what should be done? Bite the bullet and do practice no matter what is happening? Go with the flow and make it up some time? Don’t worry, be happy?
IMHO, this is what I believe works. Establish a routine, grounding practice over a long time – months and years even. Get lots of regular sweat and tears into your yoga mat or meditation cushion. Have your yoga be your lifetime companion, not just a passing acquaintance.
With a solid measure of practice logged in, you can afford to diverge occasionally.
This morning I wouldn’t have missed the dolphin show for anything. They are among Nature’s most felicitous and handsome creatures, and a visit from them is always a blessing.
A warm afterglow of dolphins halo-ed my only-slightly delayed practice an example of having it all.
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