The Exciting Life of a Yoga Teacher on an Island

Jun 16, 2011 | Community, Nature, Yoga practices | 0 comments

When we first bought our rural property, mid-north coast was in drought. Typically for Australia, that went on for a few years. Then, about the same time our builders broke ground for building our home, the drought broke too. How many “rain days” were there? Too many, but I still felt wistful enough about The Wet that I could still enjoy it.
La Nina settled in cozily for the long haul and at times she’s been a veritable pussy cat of a weather pattern. But not this week. All up and down the NSW coast from Coffs Harbour to Newcastle, biblical amounts of rain fell and overfilled the many river systems. It didn’t help that King Tides through their lot in with Nina.
On Mitchells Island, the rising waters of Scotts Creek overflowed into our neighbour’s paddock and swelled our wetland. I watched all day yesterday as the water level out back of the house crept higher. I tried to calm my mind but only ended up grumpy instead.
This morning it wasn’t quite calm because the winds had kicked in, but the rain had stopped. Daniel and I ventured out by car to see if it were true that some of our neighbours at Manning Point had had to be evacuated (true, but only for a short time). We also explored leaving Mitchells Island, but the main road was flooded and impassable for our little Corolla.
If you haven’t seen what’s been happening up this way, click on our photo gallery.


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