For any of you non-native Australian people out there, a Shed (with a capital “S”) is an Aussie institution. More often than not, it is the place that a bloke can get away from his missus and the kids for a bit of peace and mind.
In my case, I’ve appropriated our tin shed for a yoga space which could get up the noses of certain men. Since I’ve also carpeted, painted, and made it as up market as is possible with a corrugated metal hut, this could be a further affront to a blokey bloke.
Actually I’ve gone one step more and cyber-ised The Shed, sort of syndicated it, and am sending it round the globe. My musings from our rural retreat are getting out there to LA and  Sonoma, Calif., Louisiana, Canada, Portugal,  Western Australia, Northern Territory, New Zealand, and more.
When I started writing this blog, I mainly wanted to keep in touch with old students who I was leaving behind in moving from city to the country. The Internet has let me jump my rural boundaries to be in touch with the wide world. I still find that completely amazing.
BTW, if you think someone might be interested in these sort of yogic/bucolic/philosophic ramblings, please do pass on the “Yoga Suits Her ” link. I’m curious to see just how far these tendrils can reach.