Healthy Blood Pressure = Healthy Brain

May 30, 2011 | Health, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching , Yoga Therapy | 0 comments

The weekend Sydney Morning Herald, mostly bought so we can pit our brains against the quiz, also offered some fascinating anti-dementia news.
More than doing sudokus and cryptic crossword puzzles, we ought to be working on keeping our blood pressure as normal as possible.
High blood pressure contributes to vascular dementia that’s caused by having a stroke. But there is some evidence that keeping BP levels healthy can help prevent Alzheimers, too.
Where does yoga fit in? Obviously as a holistic form of exercise; it helps lower blood pressure and provides blood flow to the brain. I get my cardio exercise from brisk daily walks on the beach (weather permitting!) and weight training once or twice a week.
You might want to know what’s normal: less than 120/80; normal to high is up to 140/90; very high is anything over 180/110.
For those of you who consider taking any form of medication evil, here’s what neuroscientist Dr. Michael Valenzuela from the U. of NSW says, “Pharmacological treatment of high blood pressure is the only medical treatment found so far to reduce the incidence of dementia.”
Perhaps a no-brainer? Do your yoga and make sure you’ve covered all your bases.


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