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May 23, 2011 | Healing, Wisdom, Yoga practices | 2 comments

To me there’s nothing more that I look forward to than doing yoga first thing in the morning. Well, after my cuppa. Why bother even changing out of p.j.’s?
Even transplanted as I’ve been to Adelaide these last few days, it’s been divine practising with, and teaching a little, my six women friends here.
It reminded me how invaluable it is to have the yoga habit firmly entrenched. Otherwise it’s easy to lose the discipline muscle while traveling, or with cooler weather discouraging early morning practice.
Having an established routine helps us cope with changing seasons, and ward off their accompanying flues and colds.
Regular yoga practice boosts the immune system, helps fight illnesses, and can keep your constitution on an even keel.
Good health is a great benefit of having a yoga routine, but you will also get added value: good energy, contentment, and peace.
If you’re not a regular yogi as yet, there’s no time better to start than right now, with the onset of winter.


  1. Dear Eve
    Would it be OK for me to quote (with appropriate reference) your yoga rave in my take home leaflet I give to my students this week? Excitingly some have expressed an interest in developing a home practice and yours are great support words from a pro! We’ve even been talking about the “focus” and “discipline” muscles in this term’s theme of Strength…so it is so spot on. Love from Sue. PS Totally understand if you’d prefer not.

    • Hi Sue,
      Quote away. Anything to support yoga practice!
      Two helpful aids for home practice are my book “Teach Yourself Yoga” and my practice notes.


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