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May 22, 2011 | Health | 0 comments

Something I learned from Sue in my women’s group today. She started her sharing this afternoon by thanking us for giving her our attentive listening and said: “Unconditional love is giving undivided attention.”
Isn’t that the definition of meditation?
In doing yoga we talk about listening to our bodies, not an easy practice, if done moment by moment. There’s so much learning to be had by witnessing. Our practice of asanas, Our friends. And ourselves.
A great practice is to listen to and remember the things you say to yourself. Then, there’s the possibility to stop any negative internal dialogues. And even rescript them.
In Patanjali’s aphorisms, he says the aim of yoga is “yoga citta vrtti norodaha.” Which the guru, TKV Desikachar, translates as, “yoga is the the ability to redirect the fluctuations of the mind.”
What awesome powers we would have if we can achieve that!


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