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Jan 15, 2011 | Community, Wisdom | 4 comments

- young and young at heart

Colouring pencils

It’s very late, after a long day and full week at Camp Creative. It’s been a remarkable time, as evidenced and summed up by the concert of performing artists who came together this evening – a showcase of all the creative work that’s been put in across many media: instrumental music, singing and dance. Some performers were first-timers, others more seasoned, all with their creative juices flowing.
The most wonderful thing was seeing the range of ages represented. Even in my writing course, the span was from 33 to 81. Camp Creative is a kind of spontaneous, temporary community where the verve of young people is matched by the wisdom of the older generation, and everyone is enriched by the experience.
This is one of the things I appreciate about yoga too. It cuts across gender and age. Kids love yoga and love practising with their parents. Adult classes include all ages, as yoga is something anyone can do.
At the end of the day yesterday, I was inspired by my writing instructor, a woman with grey hair and life experience as long as mine. She offers these words:

Writing…has brought me insights I would not otherwise have. The most important is that nothing transcendental ever happens as long as the road being travelled is level and straight. When life is without challenges there is no need to go beyond the known and comfortable.
When a writer is willing to be vulnerable on the page, he honours others’ vulnerability. He creates a space for openness and in doing so says that if he can do it, so can you.- Life Stories at Camp Creative by Carrolline Rhodes

I’m sorry the temporary community I’ve been touched and inspired by this week is disassembling now, but the great thing about the internet, email and blogging is there is a network to continue to support us and keep us connected, if we like.


  1. Hi Eve,
    I’m here!
    Love the dahlia pencils.
    What a week we’ve had.
    My head is whirring.
    Saturday morning and I’ve already started reading Carollines’s book- I can hear her voice as I read her words.
    I have checked the Darwin Writer’s Centre- they’re called DAGS- “new members welcome”.
    Now I’m here in looking back at the week with you.
    I have to get a blog name- hoping for inspiration as the day goes on.
    Many thanks for letting me be part of your audience…I will think of you as part of mine.
    Helen X

    • Hi Helen,
      As little as I know about Darwin, DAGS somehow sounds fitting 🙂
      Good that you are going to do the blog thing. I think it’s a fun creative outlet and connects you with so many people.
      You came up with a very good email address – no doubt you’ll figure out a perfect blog name. And, if you don’t like it, you can always change it.
      I’d be honoured to be part of your readership.
      Here’s the info on Martin’s Cafe and Carole’s yoga studio…both top-notch in the Top End:
      Eat at Martin’s
      6 Caryota Court,
      Coconut Grove NT
      Tel : +61 411 515 963
      Cuisine: Gourmet Vegetarian
      XO Eve
      Eat at Martin’s restaurant in Coconut Grove serves wholesome, toothsome, organic vegetarian delights in a cheery setting, and the best chocolate chickpea cake on the planet!

      • Hi Eve, Hi Helen,
        I’m here too.Coming home has been deflating. There are just as many things to do as when I left, yet I don’t seem to want to get into any of them.I still feel connected to you guys, and hope it continues. For me I will probably join the Bellingen Writers. Let’s continue to be creative.

        • I know what you mean, Ann. We were sort of “inflated” when we were in the course, and anything else is sub-par. Nothing to do but keep writing! Let me know how the Bellingen Writers Club goes for you. XO Eve


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