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Dec 19, 2010 | Being a writer | 0 comments

I started this blogging habit a little less than 5 years ago. How many posts would I have done in that time? Maybe a thousand?
In those early days, because the setting in which we lived in Tambourine Bay  was so incredibly picturesque, I tried to do a daily photo of the view I had from my bedroom. The photos below are samples of my art. I didn’t write much text, then. I thought the images spoke for themselves.
Since starting “Yoga Suits Her”, I’ve let myself write pretty much what and as much as I wanted. It’s a discipline, like yoga practice.
I’ve enjoyed two comments on blogging that I’ve run across in the last couple of days, one from the author Nora Ephron: “You hope a blog will last till tomorrow. Blogs are like soap bubbles.” Now, that’s a reality check.
The other comment was from a friend, Donna, who said how much she dislikes the word blog. I agree completely, but haven’t yet thought of good substitute. Donna suggests e-muse. I’m thinking of stealing that one, partly because, it’s so close to amuse. If the truth be known, we bloggers are indulging in a very egotistic activity most of the time, doing something for our own amusement.




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