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Believe it or not, I do try to weave in a yoga theme in each of my posts. Sometimes this is such a weak or oblique attempt that I seem to never get around to even mentioning the Y word.

You might well wonder what de-cluttering and yoga have to do with each other. I would say, quite a lot.

For one thing, clutter accumulating around us, tends to clutter up our minds. It adds to the citta vrtti. We look at our messy desks (which I just did. Oh, horror!), and a reflex has us look the other way. We can be in the middle of a conversation or even in our yoga practice and, out of the blue, appears an image of all the garage shelves overflowing with boxes still unpacked from last year. We trip over a something or other that was going to get thrown out, but now is only blocking an access. A ride-on mower breaks down and is unrepairable. We buy a new one, but now we have two objects as big as small ponies underneath the house.

Are you starting to squirm? We know that nothing is going to get done until Xmas when we have Time, but we’re so exhausted by then from avoiding clutter that how can we possibly hope to face the mess?…at least until we recover.

This attempt at humour is all by way of me patting myself on my back because I actually unpacked one of the those boxes this afternoon. There was just one hitch. I couldn’t figure out where to put the contents, so I had to repack most of it and ┬ásend it back to its shelf.

I do hope to clear off my desk…I really do…if I can just finish this blog in time before choir practice.

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