Grey Muscle

Nov 11, 2010 | Health, Wisdom | 1 comment

Seems we’re on a roll on the topic of ageing, and so you might want to read this article: It’s from the Sydney Morning Herald 11/11/10 and is entitled “Mastering the Art of 100 Year of Fortitude” – describing the ways that longevity is more than the luck of your genes.
And, if you needed a convincing argument for the statement ageing can be beautiful, here’s one for you:

- grey muscle

The Grand Canyon

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  1. Eve, thank you so much for the workshop on Sunday. I heard an interview today conducted by Richard Glover (702am) with a Professor that studies aging and what determines longevity. A large part of this is community and support with respect for your elders being a big part of this. He had narrowed this down to 16 things through various studies. Exercise, good health, diet, selfishness (the positive way ) communication, friends, support, like minded people, respect etc. Lots of things we have in our yoga community. Yayyy.. Love Tania


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