The yoga class I took Yesterday paled next to the offerings we saw at the Museum of Modern Art.
It was an interesting class, though, as much as I hate using that dull adjective. The decor of the Hatha Yoga studio was amazing; it was like doing yoga in a temple, with dark wood wall panels, Hindu statues, altars and icons everywhere, floor to ceiling.
The guru Ramakrishnaanamda is the galvanizing energy behind this studio. You can check him out On his web site and even tweet him if you navigate the twitterverse.
As for MOMA, I was a rube in from the country, gasping as I came around each corner where a renowned painting was displayed, one after another, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Klimt….
Standing before these paintings, I wondered at the artists courage, innovation, and virtuosity.
How did Matisse know how much paint and what hues to pile onto his canvas and then how much to take off and when to declare his work “fini”.
The background of “The Bathers” wasn’t just a sylvan setting, but on another level, World War 1 German occupation in Matisse’s French hometown.
He must have needed to an attitude of intense detachment to work in such dire times.
Today in rainy Manhattan, I’ll keep up my spirits by finding the Iyengar Institute for a yoga class.
Here’s a sample of MOMA’s best: