Day 5 Burning Man

Sep 4, 2010 | Community | 0 comments

The Burning Man is an edifice that is 70 feet tall and includes a several story internal stairway for us to walk up and view the whole of the “Playa” – a rough circular shape that’s 7 miles in circumference. The Man is packed with burnable material so the main event of the week, the burn goes off spectacularly and efficiently.
Yesterday was fun. One event Daniel and I participated in was the Human Carcass Carwash. Too hard to explain. Suffice to say the service provided removal of at least one layer of desert dust.
This place is the very definition of overwhelming. Picture living in the part of the universe Hans Solo and Chubacky hung out in the first Star Wars movie – acrobatic yoga, burlesque, gay pride, much wry and black humor expressed on signs and t-shirts. The only squeaky clean group I’ve discovered are the all too earnest and determined Vegans. Sorry to offend any of my serious veg-o friends.
Every minority on the planet is here: mystic misfits, polyamoreuses, cirque de so gay, mutant stuffed animals, ashram galactica….. How do we fit in? Yet to be discovered….


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