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Jul 29, 2010 | Healing, Nature, Pleasure | 0 comments

- beyond earthy

Orange Top

Oooh, it’s wet on NSW eastern seaboard. My Canberra friend wrote that even the dessicated capital city had had rain. Ninety-eight percent humidity has become normal and you could squeeze liquid out of the air, even when it doesn’t rain.
We are growing unanticipated things on the wetland portion of our land – the area that dried out completely in our several years’ drought.
- beyond earthy

Green things

I’m not complaining, no sir-ee, not in this wide brown country called Oz. Well, not yet.
Our rain foresty region exudes the smells that can only come from chthonic pools and puddles and detritus that don’t see the light of day.
The critters love this sodden patch because it’s pretty much a no-go zone for humans.
It appeals to me, too, because it’s a place where things are living and dying at the same time, in the same place, and probably in equal measure. It’s so obvious that rotting (death) creates new life.
- beyond earthy

Brown water

We human beings try to keep things so neat and tidy. We try to avoid dealing with degeneration and death, when it’s all perfectly natural, if uncontrollable.
Check out a rain forest near you. It’ll make you feel really alive!


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