Feeling the Cold

Jun 21, 2010 | Health, Yoga practices | 1 comment

Seven degrees or so outside this morning as I made my way to the Yoga Shed. The kookaburras sitting in the old gum trees looked non-plussed. Even as the sun rose, it was weak as American coffee. Just what you’d expect for the shortest day of the year.
My body felt like I had ice for bones as I started creaking my way through a basic hamstring practice. Who thought up that great idea? The Shed floor, lino in parts and inexpensive carpet in others, is over concrete. Chilly!
I felt good when I finished practising, ending as I did with pranayama. In fact I felt really good right up until I made some phone calls.
I phoned a doctor’s surgery that had been recommended to me so I could get some follow-up lab tests done. The receptionist told me Dr. Birky wasn’t seeing any new patients. Even if I were an old patient, she said, I would have to wait 3 or 4 weeks for an appointment.
I asked when Dr. B. was going to be seeing new patients again. Apparently a wait list not an option mfor the good doctor.
Welcome to rural life is the message I’m reading into this.
Next I called a medical centre where I’d been told every one of the doctors were great. The receptionist said none of the doctors there were taking any new patients.
Yellow page directory directed me to Access Medical Centre, a name which inspired hope. Finally I got an appointment with someone whose name is more unpronounceable than mine. My husband tells me that these are the doctors who are accessible in our new rustic life.
Cold hard facts can be so much colder than chilly temperatures.

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  1. Eve – Ah yes, the tyranny of distance then ..?
    Maybe its worth trying to find another doc in the city even if you have to go all the way in here to see them ?? Not sure……, hmmmmm


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