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- wonderI always wondered why people who visited Kakadu went on raving about it so much. Now I understand a little more, having had two and a half days there, introduced to the park by my friend, Carole Baillargeon.
Kakadu is Darwin’s backyard, so to speak, if a yard can be as big as a small country. The fortunate Darwinians can go there for a weekend, and do.
These photos are from the 2-hr. boat tour we did on Yellow Waters at sunrise.

- wonder


The park rangers like to call these huge critters “cheeky buggers” because they might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like in a plunge pool that they wouldn’t usually have access to at the end of May, except when The Wet is still hanging around. Who’s going to argue with them? Not me. The tour guide said this particular croc is a dominant male, maybe five meters long and half a century in age.
The white bellied sea eagle below likes to enjoy the lakes of Yellow Waters. Photographing him in the dawn light made him look rather redder than he actually is.
So many things about Kakadu filled me with a sense of wonder which my dictionary tells me is a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.
Wonderful! And there it is just waiting, from time immemorial. Kakadu is a good place for yogis. You wouldn’t have to do a single pose or breathe any pranayamas. Just be quiet and feel.
- wonder

Sea Eagle


  1. Yes aw and wonder! I was very moved throughout my visit to K. Something about the presence of the indigenous people (so missing in every other NP I have been to in Australia. ALso my Dad held a quiet but significant role in the park’s creation. Plus it was just such an amazingly touching a place. ENJOY!!

    • What did your dad do in Kakadu, Pen?
      XO E.


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