Upcoming Workshops

The Ekam Festival

The word Ekam means one. It is a fitting name for a festival that brings teachers and students of different traditions together to learn and share with respect for each other’s experience and knowledge.

This 2-day yoga festival has it all: a palpable community spirit, a fantastic range of yoga classes, music events, health education, community activities and a Natural Health & Living Expo.

: Sat 15 & Sun 16 September 2018

Where: Francis Retreat, Bonny Hills

Tickets from $90.

To register: https://www.ekamyogafestival.org.au/

I will teach two sessions, ‘Inversions’ for teachers and ‘Salutes’ for everyone.

Inversions – The King & Queen of Poses

It’s no accident that the yoga texts refer to Headstand (Sirsasana) and Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana) as the King and Queen of asanas.

But sometime, as teachers, our students miss out on the benefits of head and shoulder stands because of inadequate preparation, fear or not understanding how to work with one’s anatomy.

Come along to this session to see how to develop strength, flexibility and balance through simple prepatory poses. Then, learn how best to work with each student’s individual anatomy in the ‘King and Queen’ asanas.

Salute-to-the-Sun – Connecting the Dots

Practising Salute-to-the-Sun is an opportunity to be mindful. It’s simple to learn and easy to do as a daily practice. It’s effective. Most importantly, it’s joyful. Surya Namaskar connects us to Nature and to ourselves. In Eve’s session, we will link the following Yoga techniques – Postures (Asanas), Sounds, Gestures (Mudra), Colours and Chakras – to create a rich Salutes-to-the-Sun practice.