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Insomnia Busters for Any Age or Stage

Ā  Insomnia: The Night Prowler There was a time when I slept the sleep of the innocent. That was in the dim distant past. Menopause first threw a spanner in the machine, with its 3-4am wake-ups. Once I was wide awake, too bad, that was it for the night. Man-o-pause...

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Extreme Weather: Can We Do Yoga?

Days of extreme weather might be the way of the future. Who knows? Most scientists say this is the way we are heading.

If so, we need to include reflective practices as part of our yoga routine. We need the tools that create mental and emotional space to deal with difficult situations. It’s not enough to keep up with a strong physical practice. Meditation, savasana, yoga nidra, and pranayama are necessary to weather all conditions. Not only extreme climactic fluctuations.

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The Shedders and the Power of Vision Planning

Are you good at vision planning? I thinkĀ that I'mĀ pretty good at planning for the future. Perhaps planning is an inherited trait. Either you are or you aren't. There are those of us who plan from when we open our eyes in the morning to when we close them at night....

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Tennis Yogini: Sunday Morning Practice

One of the things I love about playing tennis is the way I so frequently catch myself in the act of negative talking or thinking. Each ‘I’m so stupid’, or ‘How could I have missed that shot?’, or ‘Another double fault, #$@&%*!’ is an opportunity for rebooting the network. An opportunity to wake-up to the present moment. Without static, without the interference of derogatory dialogue.

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