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Yoga and Exercising Your ‘No’ Muscle

  What is exercising your 'no' muscle? Your 'no' muscle is not tangible in the way that your biceps are. Your 'no' muscle is not really a muscle at all. Yet your 'no' muscle packs way more power than your rectus abdominis (abdominals). And it saves your energy, not...

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Yoga Poses Can Be Friends or Foes

In September this year, I will be presenting a workshop called 'Befriending Backbends' at the wonderful Ekam Festival. Backbends are the family of poses that people often feel passionate about in a kind of love-hate way. It makes sense to me to present a workshop that...

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The Experience of Grief and Yoga

  Recently, I taught a daylong workshop that I titled 'Yoga Therapy in a Palliative Care Setting'. It was a beautiful day attended by 11 yoga therapy trainees, learning about end of life.   These participants were willing to be in touch with their feelings relating to...

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Yoga Therapy and Death and Dying

I wonder how many of you readers will want to open this post on the topic of death and dying. No one will blame you if you don't. We do live in a death phobic culture. We are acculturated to not think about death and dying. So, you can be forgiven for not wanting to...

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Mindfulness Meditation = Head Space

I would like to say that I am an everyday meditator. That over the years I've been able to sit for longer and longer periods of time. And that, because of my meditating acumen, I am a better, nicer and more together person. But no. I'm still totally human, with many...

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