Yoga Tool Kit


10 beautifully illustrated cards that give clear, practical and portable programs to meet a variety of needs. The customised sequences help provide holistic healthcare – better health, flexibility and peace of mind – so you can stay on top of your daily requirements with a safe and effective regime.
Practices for boosting the immune system, insomnia, menstruation, post travel, low backache, stress and anxiety relief, fatigue, encouraging mental balance, managing menopause and regenerating.



The YogaAnywhere Tool Kit is made up of 10 cards. Each card contains an individual program that all yoga practitioners should have available to support them in their lives. The daily grind of life can get to us, and yoga is a wonderful tool to take us through those times when we need a little help.

Each beautifully illustrated card includes a complete 60 to 75 minute practice designed by Eve Grzybowski to address common issues and complaints. These carefully constructed sequences include details of the poses, exercises and general advice to give you maximum value. Whether you're having trouble sleeping, have just arrived in your hotel room after a long flight, are feeling tired, low or simply unwell, there is a practice in this box that will help. The practices in the Yoga Tool Kit should only be attempted if you have a good grounding in the basics of yoga, as they require the use of props. You'll find information about yoga props in the Guidelines information page.

If you're new to Yoga please choose the Yoga Basics pack or attend beginners classes. Avoid attempting poses that are beyond your ability or experience level.


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