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There’s Nothing Like a Dame: Women Together

There’s Nothing Like a Dame: Women Together

I've been happily immersed in a woman's world recently. It started with reading an advanced manuscript of Ana Davis' rich and empowering book, Moving with the Moon. Ana has written a yoga book, which will be available later this year, that is for all women, . It...

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Cool Yoga for Hot, Humid Weather

Adapt your practice  We're facing a solid week ahead of temperatures in the low 30's in our region, accompanied by high humidity. (For Americans, that translates to low 90's.)  For me, that points to doing my best to stay cool when I do my yoga practice. And I use...

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Yoga Quotations: The Spice of Teaching

Why we don’t make up our own quotable quips? Why do we rely on celebrity or guru quotes, which are sometimes misquotes or misattributed)?

Yoga teachers-in-training tend to spout their teachers’ words exactly when they begin teaching. I still do. My Iyengar teacher from the eighties, Martyn Jackson, pops up in my classroom instructions on occasion. As do more recent influencers, like Donna Farhi or Judith Laseter.

As yoga teachers become more seasoned, they fashion their own phrasing. And then, their quips, quotations and word pictures will undoubtedly plant find their way into the next generation’s repertoire.

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Discover the Power of Everyday Rituals

    My ritual morning cuppa There's a certain morning ritual that I have performed ever since I was 16 years old. This is the age when coffee and I started our long and friendly relationship. I enrolled in a summer high school class which started at 7am. Everyone...

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Colour Your Life With Creativity At Camp Creative

Camp Creative--Fertile Ground for Creativity It's several days now since returning from a week at Camp Creative. This event, based in Bellingen, has something for everyone. Sixty different courses representing music, visual arts, writing, crafts, young people's...

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No Matter How Much Yoga, Age Takes No Prisoners

Age Happens It seems to me that what distinguishes a young person from an old one is a cavalier approach to illness. I’ve been guilty of this myself. While still in my forties, I was diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis. I knew that it wasn’t possible to make the...

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