Tummy Rumbles…

…also called “gastric ructions”, caused by peristalsis, are the bane of some yoga relaxations.
There’s something diverting about getting to the quiet time at the end of a yoga class when the teacher has soothed and cajoled the group into a semi-somnolent state, when suddenly the low- pitched rumbling from some quarter starts up. […]

Please Explain

I heard someone say years ago (maybe it was in a personal development course) that people are meaning-creating machines. If I say something to you, you are going to want to make it mean something, perhaps more, or less, or even different than I meant. In any situation I’m in, I’ll assign it a meaning, give it a flavour, sum it up as enjoyable or tragic or irksome.
So, today my husband sent me a link to an article called, “The Least 5 Romantic Keys to a Happy Relationship.” This arrived in my email with no preamble. […]

Driving Lesson

Do you remember when you learned to drive? I can remember it just like yesterday because I was so worried about crashing. The driving inspector kept telling me to behave like I was “master of my ship”, even though I felt like a a navvy. At 16 yrs old I got my license and a week later crashed my mother’s car.
Today I had my first go at driving our ride-on mower. Daniel and Rick had made mowing look so simple. […]

The Older You Get…

…the less you know. I’m convinced of it. Ooops. Have I just said I know something?
I think two things happen as you mature and age: 1) you collect more conflicting information along the way, i.e., all those studies you read in the newspaper about the benefits/disadvantages of drinking coffee, alcohol, eating chocolate. One day, the suggestion is “go for it”, and the next it’s “stop”, “whoa”, “ya’ better watch out.”
No. […]


Sitting at a blank blog screen tonight, wracking my brain for inspiration, I saw my computer and all things powered by electricity in our house shut down, flicker on, then off, and finally just off. So, how am I writing this post? On the iPad, tethered in some way I don’t understand, to Daniel’s iPhone. (And, while on the subject, what is a dongle?)
See, my problem is I don’t really care enough about electronic devices to learn to understand them. As Daniel says about his relationship to yoga, I’m just a consumer. […]

What does yoga have to do with digging a hole?

What does yoga have to do with digging a hole?

How hard can it be to dig a hole? Have you ever thought about where people would be without holes dug. Probably still living in caves.
It used to be you could just go ahead and wing it…digging your hole. Now you can do a Google Search and discover “How to Dig a Hole”. It takes 5 steps on wikiHow, as a matter of fact. The first important step is to locate your utility lines, and call your council if you don’t know where they are.*
Today I dug a hole in order to transplant a severely root-bound palm. […]

Sydney Shock

A four hour drive from Mitchells Island to the Sydney CBD. In the rain. The last 30 minutes of which we were navigating one-way streets and bus/taxi lanes in the city, unable to negotiate a turn into the Jamison Street location of our lodging.
How one deals with the strangle of city traffic is the true test of whether one has polished one’s character enough not to snarl at one’s partner who is flummoxed by high-rise interference with the usually reliable TomTom and iPhone GPS.
Testing one’s spiritual capital with sharp words and raised voices, admittedly on both sides. […]

Message from The Sponsor

Message from The Sponsor

There’s a knack to marketing oneself, a too-flabby muscle I’m sorry to say I don’t even try to develop.
The yoga students yesterday laughed when I prefaced showing them the article in which “Yoga Suits Her” was listed as one of 10 great yoga blogs, by saying, “In the spirit of self-aggrandisement….” See, I had to make a little joke of it.
So, here’s another attempt at letting you know what I’m up to out in the wide world. I will be a keynote speaker at the inaugural Yoga Australia Conference in Melbourne the weekend of April 2-3. […]

Getting Older

Now there’s a title to send the reader running out the back door, or checking the bathroom mirror for chin hairs or eBay for exercise bikes.
It’s just a fact of life. Really. We all are getting on.
The Good Weekend Magazine is meeting the need to educate the public  on this topic with “The Getting of Wisdom: Lessons Learnt from Life” column. I read it avidly. Last week Colleen McCullough, author, age 75, featured in it.
If you missed it, here’s a couple of gems.
Getting Older – Old age is an ordeal, of flesh and mind. […]

Sitting Thinking

As I have been staring at this blank page for some time, by now I should recognise that I have a head empty of wisdom and inspiration at this time. I should turn off my computer and head for bed.
But, no, I feel compelled. I want to say something. To connect. Even if I am temporarily rendered unwise and uninspired. […]