Image from the Outback of kangaroos at sunset

It’s Sunday in this little Outback dot on the map called Silverton, NSW. We woke up today to chittering apostlebirds, said to be so named because they go around in groups of 12.

Eight days from home and I’ve been experiencing the discordance of being cut loose from moorings, such as work and house and routines. Some good things about our road trip west: having adventures, seeing new landscapes, tasting new foods cooked deliciously in the out-of-doors.

Best of all so far is a new insight I had. Seventy-four years old and I’m still learning. Admittedly, maybe my realisation is something that most people already know. That some may have already come into the world knowing.

This new insight is related to a saying that my dear friend Heather subscribes to: there’s nothing wrong here. Meaning we don’t have to fix this.

In the past, I’ve argued with her. How can what you believe be true, I’ve said? There are famines and wars and a big fat climate crisis!

But she hasn’t budged.

So here’s my insight, a gift of being on the road in the vast space of the state’s western desert, where the night sky is visible from horizon to horizon.

Don’t assume that what happens was not meant to happen. Don’t think that things were meant to turn out differently than they did. Suffering comes from the expectation of a different outcome and not accepting things are the way they are.

I don’t think this view means I will end up being resigned to the sadness of the world, maybe only that I will have a little more perspective and contentment in myself. 

Do let me hear from you while I am carvanning through NSW, South Australia, Northern Territory, and Queensland. It will be so lovely to have you along on this trip.