Take Care: Daily Self Care in All Sorts of Ways

Jul 15, 2018 | Wisdom | 0 comments

Image of eve in headstand by the water.

Nearly a month ago, I committed to posting each day to the theme of Take Care. The idea being that, because of writing about self-care, I would pay more attention to caring for myself.

I’m almost at the end of 30 days of posting. Have I done daily posting? Not exactly.

I’m reminded of the saying:

When you commit to something, you have to show equal strength in saying yes and saying no.

I believe this applies to the sort of promise I made to publish a post every day on the topic of self-care. There was a weekend when I away was camping. Another weekend when I was singing at a workshop in the Blue Mountains. It was impossible to publish or even write in those situations. So I focussed completely on the enjoyment of camping. And I engaged totally with singing joyfully in four-part harmony.

To have been rigid about my promise would have translated as poor self-care, in my view. The camping and singing are such wonderfully nourishing activities. With this perspective, I did practice self care.

The problem with wavering from a commitment is that it’s so easy to not re-commit. This is what can happen with yoga self-practice, too. Miss a day, miss a few days, miss a week, and it’s difficult to get the momentum back. Even after four and a half decades of home practice, I can still get lost in the thicket of avoidance. Fortunately, I love writing and I love yoga practice, so the happiness that those activities give me always draw me back like a bee to a flower.

Here are a few wonderful self care practices I discovered today on-line, simple and fundamental. And, as it’s Sunday, you might like to have a look on Instagram¬†#SelfCareSunday. Do enjoy!


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