There’s Nothing Like a Dame: Women Together

Apr 18, 2018 | Women | 0 comments

A selfie of 7 smiling women.

I’ve been happily immersed in a woman’s world recently.

It started with reading an advanced manuscript of Ana Davis’ rich and empowering book, Moving with the Moon. Ana has written a yoga book, which will be available later this year, that is for all women, . It describes how yoga best applies to women. It shows us how we can benefit from doing feminine yoga, for all of our lives.

Almost as I finished the book, it was time for me to catch my flight to Adelaide. I was meeting up with my women’s group for our annual reunion–number 18.

I don’t much like flying as I’m not the best traveller. I love new places and new experiences once I get there. But I’m still hanging out for teleportation. This stance comes from someone who has done the Pacific Ocean crossing–Australia to the U.S. and back–maybe 20 times. As well as someone who served with Trans World Airlines for three years as a flight attendant, with working trips to places like Reykevik, Vladavostok, Ryadh.

But this trip was only a little hop to South Australia for the ‘Deep Creek Womens’ annual reunion. For this particular gathering, we comprised Shylie, Kylie, Dianne, Sue, Jenny, Janet and myself. One of us was missing. The incomparable Shirley was in her alternate home–Bali–and couldn’t get back. We are so loyal to each other that we saved a place for Shirley at dinners and then communicated with her via a WhatsApp phone call.

What did we do in our four days together? Talked, of course. We’re women! Each of us had a ‘formal’ time to share what has been going on in our lives. We talked about our hopes, fears, successes and failures. Feelings came up, plenty of them, accompanied at times by tears and laughter.

Our AirBnB accomodation was at Myponga Beach, a quaint seaside village, with a tiny bay and pristine waters. We did some morning yoga, meditated, ate lots, drank South Australian wine, had afternoon naps, went for walks, and swam. There were parlour-type games in the evening that were surprisingly competitive and hugely hilarious.

Beach scene with four women in the water, waving to the photographer.

Then, yesterday I received a delightful invitation to join ‘The All-new, All-girls Book Club. To which I immediately replied ‘yes’. I know who the other members are and I’m fairly certain we won’t be reading chic-lit.

I can’t tell you what is so attractive about women-only activities. All I can say is how they feel: like a swim in the gentle and warm waters of a tiny sheltered bay. They feel healthy and refreshing. Together we create a pool of energy that can be dipped in long after the yoga class finishes, the reunion ends, and the hanging out together concludes.


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