Yoga Retreats Are The Way to Go Forward

Mar 26, 2018 | Yoga Retreats | 2 comments


Go forward - yoga retreats are the way to go forward

Sometimes we need to retreat to go forward. 

In my mind, attending a yoga retreat is the best way to go forward in your yoga practice. I would venture to say, even in your life, as retreats offer you periodic renewal.

When Sydney was still my base, I lead retreats in the lower Blue Mountains over a 12 year period. Twice a year our students attended these weekends of inspiration, regeneration and enjoyment. We yoga teachers of Sydney Yoga Centre experienced similar benefits to the students and returned to the city renewed. This shared experience brought us together more closely as a community.

I’m happy to announce that I am co-leading the Ekam Retreat April 27-29 in beautiful Bonny Hills on the mid north coast of NSW (pictured above). The program for the weekend is a balanced and holistic one. It will undoubtedly encourage some of the benefits that I’ve listed below. I do hope you can come and join us in exploring the theme of of the retreat: taking yoga from your mat into the world.

A yoga retreat flyer advertising ekam bonny hills retreat april 27-29.

Here’s why attending a yoga retreat is invaluable.

  • Your yoga practice will improve, simply because you are doing it each day. Some retreat schedules will let you experience two classes each day, as well as meditation and pranayama.
  • Without the distractions of your work and your everyday life, you’ll get new perspectives in a new environment. This may include new slants on familiar poses and yoga sequences. Because you have left your normal routines at home, you can better listen to your body and rest when you like.
  • In a retreat’s meditation, pranayama and relaxation sessions, you will be better able to absorb the benefits of these practices. With a more leisurely pace and less interference from technology, you can experience being truly in the moment.
  • You’ll eat three healthy, nutritious meals a day without having to do the shopping and cooking. You may be introduced to new foods, cooking techniques and better ways to balance your diet. You’ll go home feeling lighter and clearer.
  • You’ll be inspired to do some of your own practice after the retreat ends. There’s time to ask your retreat teachers for help in doing this and possibly get support after the weekend.
  • You will spend the retreat time in community. There is the opportunity to make friends with like-minded people. This isn’t always possible if you have to rush in and out of city classes. Sometimes these people end up being friends for life.
  • The after-effects…. Even just a weekend away can have you return home ready to drop some negative habits. You are likely to feel healthier and more relaxed, even more creative. And then work to sustain these advantages afterwards…till your next retreat.
  • Attending a retreat for most people is a deeply joyful experience. By attending a yoga retreat, you are saying to yourself, ‘I am valuable. This is a commitment to my self-care, and I deserve it.’
  • You can’t beat Nature! Just being in a peaceful and natural setting is healing and regenerative by itself.

Have I talked you into enrolling? I hope so, and I hope I will see you at Bonny Hills!


  1. Thanks for this Eve… would love to attend a retreat with you one day… or even have you come to South Australia to lead one!

    • Hi Cherise,
      As a matter of fact, I’ll be in Adelaide in just two weeks. I have been going to S. Australia annually for my women’s group reunion for over a decade.
      Maybe next year?


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