Eve and the Art of Adjustment Workshop in Byron Bay.

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Yoga adjustments - eve and the art of adjustment workshop in byron bay.

Julie and Marie practising the Art of Adjustment

I will be teaching an afternoon workshop on The Art of Adjustment in Byron Bay Sunday, August 20th, 1-5 pm.

At the risk of punning, I’m an old hand at hands-on adjustments. Thirty-seven years of experience inform my approach to this vital part of a yoga teacher’s training.

My aim is to infuse the practice of doing physical adjustments on students with respect, fun and enjoyment.

If you’ve ever had a great adjustment in a yoga posture – one that made you sit or stand up straighter and feel lighter and more energized – you know how much this adds to your yoga practice. A good adjustment improves your awareness, takes you in a direction that you only imagined, and can even be healing.

In this short workshop, I’m hoping you will:

  • Learn what the elements of good adjustments are
  • Understand how to do hands-on adjustments across various categories of postures
  • Practice basic adjustments
  • Reflect on the foundations of adjusting: respect, safety, responsiveness, boundary-setting

Don’t miss out as space is limited to just 10 participants.

Where: Libbie Nelson’s studio, 89 Massenger St., Byron Bay
When: Sunday, August 20, 1-5 pm
Cost: $50

To register, please contact me by email: eve.grzybowski@me.com


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