Five Minute Yoga Poses: Mountain Brook Pose

Dec 21, 2016 | Restorative, XToolKit | 1 comment

Eve lying in relaxing yoga pose supported by blankets and a bolster

Mountain Brook Pose

This restorative pose has a name like a flowing Tai Chi movement or a sweetly sedative acupuncture point. Actually, the name Mountain Brook Pose simply reflects the way a yoga practitioner’s body drapes over the soft props. Like water flowing over the stones in a mountain brook.

I learned the Mountain Brook Pose from Judith Lasater in the 90’s and, since then, have always kept it close by, in my restorative tool box. It never seems to let my students down when they most need a pick-up. And it always helps me get through this accelerated end-of-year time that we dub the Silly Season.

How to do it

You’ll need these props: a bolster, one blanket folded in thirds longways and one rectangular three-fold blanket.

Sit in front of the blanket that you folded in thirds longways. Place the bolster under your knees. Position the other blanket behind you.

Now lie back so that the long blanket is supporting your shoulder blades. Place the second blanket under your head and neck. Your arms slot neatly into the space between the two blankets.

Make any further adjustments to the props that you feel are necessary, perhaps lowering or raising the height of them. Once you are completely settled and comfortable, simply relax and breathe normally.

Practice Mountain Brook Pose initially for five minutes. But if you are very relaxed, feel free to stay longer, up to 15 minutes. 

Mountain Brook Pose is known to reduce fatigue and will help lift your mood when you feel down. Along with these benefits, the pose counteracts the slumping posture that comes from many of our routine activities.

Treat yourself today!


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